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We have a wide selection of single-malt scotches, fine whiskeys, top-notch tequilas, schnapps, liqueurs, creams, foreign and domestic gins, rums of all shades and sizes, & more vodkas than I care to think about right now. We've got quality mixers and pre-mixed cocktails too. We are pround to have Durango Soda Company's Zuberfizz as our exclusive soda selection. Choose from 8 great flavors made with real sugar!

Single Malt Scotch/Irish Whiskey/Cognac - Take a hard left when you walk in the door. While we have fine selection, we don't sell them very often, so it is not at all uncommon to see some really great prices on the shelves. When we re-order, we often find out that the last bottles sold cheaper than the restocking cost. So what are you waiting for? Take advantage of the pricing before others beat you to it!

Fine Whiskey - Take a left and walk straight back when you walk in the door. Blended, Bourbon, Canadian Whisky (hey Great White North, you're missing a letter in there somewhere,) Tennessee Sour could I forget...COLORADO! We have selections ranging from $6.50-$160.00. We've got Single-Barrel, Single-Grain, Honey-Whiskey, Spiced-Whisky (Canucks!) and a few Colorado selections. Like Whiskey? So do I, come check it out.

Tequila & Mezcal - Walk in the door, take a left down the 2nd aisle and look on your left. We've got your big name brands and the stuff you've barely heard of. Organic, Kosher, and most of it is 100% Agave. If you are just looking for name brand, we've got it. If you want 100% Agave at a good price, but you aren't sure what you are looking for, just ask us for a suggestion.

Schnapps, Liqueurs, Creams - Walk in the door, take a left down the 2nd aisle and look on your right. Almost the entire top shelf is composed of COLORADO selections! No, they are not all liqueurs, but they are all GOOD! Keep your eyes scrolling down for the fine liqueurs, creams and then your basic schnappseses.

Rum & Gin - Walk in the door, take a left down the 3rd aisle and look on your left. It starts with gin and moves on to rum. I'm always mixin' up the gin selection just for funsies. As for the rum, I keep the staples and always keep my eyes peeled for good deals on the finer stuff. We don't have Captain cuz' the Sailor is better AND cheaper and Captain never really sold here anyway. You want Captain, you'll have to ask for a pint behind the counter.

Vodka - Walk in the door, take a left down the 3rd aisle and look on your right. We have most of the 21-year-old kid flavors and we also have the good stuff for real grown ups on top. Want Vodka Infused with REAL FRUIT, look up...want the chemical stuff with fake sugars, look down...the lower the cheaper! I am sorry to say that I do not have much of a vodka palate, so most of it tastes like glorified rubbing alcohol to me. If I say I like a certain vodka...I really mean it! There was something about it that made it stand out in the crowd...for example: Telluride Bacon infused Vodka - perfect in your next Bloody Mary, but you should try the Alaskan Distillery Smoked Salmon Vodka in the one after that! Or how about Class V Vodka by Syntax Spirits with its yummy tequila nose! Colorado Proud baby!

Mixers and Pre-Mixed Drinks - You will find the large majority of mixers on the "liquor appropriate" shelves with the exception of sodas and teas (take a left and look right.) Our Pre-Mixed cocktails are along the last aisle. I don't have everything...on purpose. I just have the stuff that all y'all have bought enough of recently to convince me to buy more. I try to bring in the new stuff that is palate worthy, but products like that don't happen along every year. C'est La Vie!

Looking for a soda? We are proud to feature Durango Soda Company's Zuberfizz as our exclusive soda line! Cola, Ginger Ale, Root Beer, and Vanilla Cream Soda are available in 4-packs as well as single 12oz sodas. We also offer Chocolate, Grape, Key Lime, and Orange Cream Sodas as 12oz singles. All Zuberfizz sodas are made with real cane sugar YUM! to the YUM, YUM, YUM! We also carry Arizona Teas, and Nantucket Nectar's, and Vita Coco coconut waters for your mixin' pleasure.

Can't Find it on our shelves? Let us know. If you buy enough of it, we will bring it in.