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About WCL

Yeah I'm Quirky, but in a Good Way!

When I sold my soul to buy this business in 1999 I had only 2 goals:
1. Stay in business
2. Give back to this amazing community that has helped me so much over the years.
Well, I'm still here, and what I have been able to give to give back this community makes tithing look inexpensive! So when you read the following policies, keep these 2 goals in mind and also remember that I refuse to let the world change me!

WCL 5% Cash Back Bonus:

Every cash purchase is discounted at least 5% at the register because I believe that keeping dollars in the Four Corners are is that important! The more you buy, the deeper the discount. I offer discounts on Credit/Debit purchases as well, but they don't start until you drop at least $50.00. You want your miles? Okay, I'll buy them for you for the additional 2.79% fee, but ask yourself this. What gets you closer to your next trip?? "50 miles" worth $0.50 off your next airline ticket purchase, or an extra $2.50 cash in your pocket...and why on earth are you making it easy for "Big Brother" to track your spending? You should never buy drugs with a card!!

Credit Cards:

These vampires suck thousands of dollars out of Durango every day in the form of "Merchant fees"..."Swipe Fees"..."Access Fees"..."Standard Percentage Fees"..."Hidden Percentage Fees"..."Security Fees"..."Assessment Fees"..."Non-Qualified Fees"..."Mid-Qualified Fees"..."Checkcard Fees"..."APF Fees"..."WTF Fees"????

Every time a card is swiped the merchant gets charged, and most, if not all of those fees leave Durango! Every purchase from $0.01 to $1,000,000 costs the vendor all of the above, the smaller the purchase the higher the percentage of cost.

You may wonder why I'm such a stickler with the $10.00 minimum does an extra $10,000 every year in cash back to you or donations to community programs sound? That's what we save in fees - and we put all the savings back into Four Corners area non-profits. Do you like Durango? Carry a $20.00 on you for shopping at a locally owned business and save that card for the "Corporate Big Boys" who get a better deal on credit card processing than us tiny little minions. If credit card and debit card companies charged you the same fees they charge us little merchants, you would have tucked that thing away a long time ago!

Check Policy:

Put simply, a check is a promise. I only believe promises made by people I know and trust. I tried it the other way, but in my first year of business I had $12,000 in bad checks...some from prominent people in the community...and it almost put me under. So, you want to write a check here? Give me some time to get to know you and I will add you to the approved check list.


Everything in the store is priced for speed and ease...pennies are neither! Goodness what a waste of time and raw materials. This store has NEVER asked for pennies on a cash purchase and NEVER will while I am here! Use those little buggers wherever you got them or just throw them in a scotch can like I do! I'll cash in on the copper when the US mint finally pulls their head out of that dark hole and stops making the useless things. Show me one cool thing I can buy for a penny and I might change my mind. Psst! We can darn near balance the national budget cuts if we do away with PENNIES and PAPER DOLLARS!


Bagging single items is a HUGE waste of natural resources. We will NEVER bag a single beer...besides, the cops will never believe you are eating French Bread anyway. We don't even have bags! Please use your hands. If you have more items than you have hands we will gladly provide you with a box (please recycle) or a spare six-pack carrier (also recyclable now). If you need help out we will be happy to assist you in any way we can. Gift bags are a different story...but I will NEVER gift bag MAD DOG!


I spend hundreds of hours every year recycling EVERYTHING recyclable that we use in this store. I often even sort through the trash you throw away here (DISGUSTING!) I do this because I believe it is the right thing to do. You are welcome to drop off that bottle or can floating around in your vehicle, but please take your bulk recycling to the Durango Recycling Center a short 1.5 miles down the road from here. Thank you!


I do my best to take care of those who take care of me. I offer a very fair wage to my worthy employees. ALL of my employees make more than I do in a year and work half the hours.

Giving It Back:

I charge a fair, competitive price for all products in this store. I do not like the way my government spends my tax dollars, so I choose to spend as much of the profit as I can on the things I care about before the IRS gets their greedy little hands on my hard-earned money. I take what I need and share as much as I can. I wish I could give more. I hope I have been able to share with the charities you care about as well. If not, let me know, I will see what I can do.

To those of you who do not care or can not understand, I will miss your business...but not that much... because I do care.


Thank you for your help & your patronage.